SAP B1 Add Ons

SAP Business One Add Ons from ODSNet

If you have bought SAP Business One you have invested in a very powerful business management tool. But it does have a number of areas that can be hugely improved to really help you get the most from your investment.

You might be finding that each order is taking too much time to process, due to lack of integration between order taking and fulfilment. Maybe there’s no time to analyse customer sales, cross-sell, or deliver customer specific product recommendations. Or perhaps you’re manually listing products and processing Amazon and eBay orders.

Read on and find out how our SAP Business One Add Ons can help you make a big difference to your business. For a free online demo, or to schedule a call to find out more about your requirements, get in touch with us today.


ODSNet consists of the following SAP Business One add ons – which can be installed individually or together:

  • B2B/B2C Ecommerce Webstore
  • Telesales
  • Field Sales
  • Marketplace Connector
  • Machine to machine ordering

All ODSNet software works whether you use SAP B1 with SQL or HANA or are thinking about using Business by design.

sap business 1 add ons improve your sap b1

B2B (Trade)  B2C (Retail)

B2B / B2C Ecommerce Webstore

Our B2B and B2C Ecommerce modules create a seamless connection to your B1 Financial System. It gives you full control of prices, credit control, stock, promotions and special offers – eliminating the need for duplicating information.

They give businesses a rich, full featured web-store experience with direct links to SAP Business One. This means that the website will always be up to date with the latest information. Plus orders will go straight to internal office systems without needing manual re-entry – helping you to sell more, while reducing costs.



The Telesales module of ODSNet enables internal sales staff to process customer orders more quickly. It gives them vital information including customer specific pricing, volume discounts and promotional data. It also identifies opportunities to help them up-sell and cross sell relevant products to the right customers.

An intuitive, cloud-based system linked directly to your SAP B1 back-office system, ODSNet Telesales can be accessed at any time, freeing up agents to work from anywhere.

Telesales - Customer Summary Mac

Field Sales

Field Sales

Our Field Sales Module allows on-the-road sales staff to process orders remotely while they are with the customer as well as to deal with credit queries and view order history. Crucially they see in real time exactly the same pricing information and discounts, as is stored in your B1 system.

This allows them to react on the spot and convert interest into sales and makes for a better customer experience. It makes better use of sales people’s time – for upselling and cross-selling, and reduces office based admin.

Field Sales Tablet


Marketplace Connector

If you process, or want to process orders through sites like Amazon and EBay our Market Place connector seamlessly connects these transactions to your B1 System from third party systems – with no manual intervention required.

Covering more than 30 global marketplaces, this can significantly expand your sales reach. Plus it automatically synchronises inventory across all marketplaces and physical locations, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing management costs and eliminating data entry.

Marketplace Tablet

Machine to Machine Ordering

Our M2M add on allows you to place orders directly from your purchasing system into SAP, creating a seamless transaction.

It eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, saving you money, plus prices will always be the most up to date and promotions will be automatically applied.

Success Stories

“ODSNet has allowed WISKA UK to develop, progress and achieve in B2B commerce. From empowering our external sales team, to delivering live product date to our customers, ODSNet has provided the platform for WISKA to establish a significant stronghold online.” Wiska (Germany), James Simpson, Product Development Coordinator

“Working with ODSNet has given us a robust, enterprise-scale system which deals with all complex issues of supply chain delivery at minimal cost.” Swift Electrical (UK), Adrian Ayres, Technical Director

If you would like us to do the same for your business and maximise your investment in SAP B1 then get in touch. We’d be delighted to take you through a free online demo or schedule a call to find out more about your requirements.

WISKA UK chose ODSNet after reviewing a range of e-commerce platforms.