eCommerce for SAP B1

ODSNet is the most complete SAP eCommerce platform on the market.

Featuring real multi-channel capability and rich B2B ecommerce features and personalisation, ODSNet is a SAP eCommerce solution that integrates seamlessly with your back-office data – meaning that your website is always fully up to date with the most recent pricing and product information.

ODSNet is available as a complete e-commerce solution for SAP B1, and also as individual SAP B1 add-ons – with B2B, B2C, telesales, field sales, marketplace integration and M2M ordering modules available to install separately or together.

SAP B1 is a good business management system, but it can have a number of shortcomings – each order can take a while to process, it’s difficult to give customers a joined-up experience, and you might even be manually listing Amazon or Ebay products.

If you would like to give your SAP B1 a new lease of life and unlock the value in your investment, then get in touch with us today.

Benefits of our SAP eCommerce platform

  • Sell more without increasing your costs. Stay open for business 24/7, offering customer self management for repeat sales, upselling and cross-selling through targeted promotions
  • Reduced admin. Direct links back to SAP B1 means information flows automatically to and from your web site, so your staff don’t have to manually enter product, pricing or order details
  • Differentiate your brand – the ODSNet™ SAP Ecommerce platform looks good and makes you easier to do business with: a great way to stand out in a competitive market
  • Expand your market – readily supports other languages and currencies, allowing you to sell your products further afield
  • Convenience Mobile-friendly and easy to use, ODSNet™ performs responsively via any browser
  • Personalisation Each customer automatically sees information relevant to their profile – products, price lists and promotions

Success Stories

ODSNet™ really is is the most comprehensive and complete B2B ecommerce platform on the market approved for SAP Business One. Offering real multi-channel capability and rich B2B e-commerce features and personalisation, it’s the answer for any wholesaler or manufacturer wanting to let customers do more for themselves online – all packaged in a rich, intuitive user experience.

But don’t just take our word for it – we’ve implemented ODSNet for a range of SAP Business One users, and delivered real improvements to their business. Please do have a look at some of our success stories here.

If you want to maximise your investment in SAP B1 then get in touch with us at We’d be delighted to take you through a free online demo or schedule a call to find out more about your requirements.

“On Demand Solutions were the standout choice for value, deep SAP Business One supply chain integration and modern technology. It’s easy to use and simple to administrate” - Jenny Jo, President, MJJT, New York City