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Deliver an end-to-end, light-touch but high-impact e-commerce experience for your customers

We make browsing and purchasing in the B2B world an enticing, intuitive, functional and real-time experience. Always up-to-date and available 24/7 from any device. PLUS updating site content and processing orders happens automatically thanks to our SAP Business One direct integration.

ODSNet™ unlocks all the potential from your SAP data asset, so you can focus on providing a rich and convenient online purchasing and support experience to your customers.

B2B (Trade)


ODSNet™ is the most comprehensive and complete B2B e-commerce solution on the market approved for SAP Business One. Offering real multi-channel capability and rich B2B e-commerce features and personalisation, it’s the answer for any wholesaler or manufacturer wanting to let customers do more for themselves online – all packaged in a rich, intuitive user experience.

  • Convenience. Mobile-friendly, ODSNet performs responsively via any browser
  • Personalisation. Back-office integration means each customer automatically sees information relevant to their profile – products, price lists, offers and promotions
  • Full account servicing. Why stop at your product catalogue? With ODSNet, it’s just as easy to let customers access their account histories, as well as relevant product documents and support videos, via your e-commerce site.
  • Light touch. Direct links back to SAP B1 means information flows automatically to and from your web site, so your staff don’t have to manually enter product, pricing or order details
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Thinking of getting started?

B2B e-commerce benefits

  • Sell more, without increasing your costs. Stay open for business 24/7 providing customer self management for repeat sales, account review, upselling and cross-selling through targeted promotions
  • Differentiate your brand – ODSNet™ looks good and makes you easier to do business with: a great way to stand out in a competitive market
  • Expand your market – ODSNet™ paves the way for you to sell your products further afield, readily supporting other languages and currencies
B2C (Retail)


Petzilla Website Tablet - B2C E-Commerce

In a digital-first world, customers expect to be able to buy online – even from small businesses. So it’s important that your web site can take orders.

ODSNet™ makes it easy and affordable to offer customers a fully-functional web retail experience that looks and feels like that of a much bigger company. Better still, you can link this right back to your accounting and customer management software so everything is accurate and up to date, and there’s no need to re-enter information manually. You can also take advantage of modern marketing options to help you attract, engage and convert web visitors.

  • Mobile friendly and available 24/7, so you never miss a sales opportunity
  • Let customers look up and place repeat orders with just a few clicks, by connecting your e-commerce platform to your everyday business systems
  • Consistency: the same central content management system underpins all channels
  • Sell seamlessly on Amazon and eBay with our marketplace connector
  • Make your website work harder to promote you, via social media links, vouchers, mailchimp and Google Adwords integrations
  • Personalised Pricing & Products

    Personalised Pricing & Products

    Each customer gets products, pricelists, offers and promotions relevant to their profile.

  • 24 x 7 Ordering

    24 x 7 Ordering

    Your catalogue available anywhere, anytime. Fully optimised for laptops, tablets & smartphones.

  • Supports Different Sizes, Colours, Styles and more

    Supports Different Sizes, Colours, Styles and more

    ODSNet™ is designed to support a wide range of product variables.



ODSNet™ Telesales equips phone-based sales teams to be more responsive to incoming customer orders and queries, so they can do more business while improving the service experience.

An intuitive, cloud-based system linked directly to your SAP Business One back-office system, ODSNet Telesales can be accessed at any time, freeing up agents to work from anywhere.

  • Real-time information. Plugging directly into SAP Business One, our cloud-based telesales software brings agents immediately up to speed
  • Fast order processing, straight into SAP B1, so agents can quickly move on to the next call
  • Maximise sales opportunities. The Telesales module highlights customer specific pricing, volume discounts and promotional data, and identifies cross-sell opportunities
Telesales - Customer Summary Mac
Field Sales

Field Sales

Field Sales Tablet

ODSNet Field Sales extends all the benefits of real-time product, stock, price and customer account information to your on-the-road sales teams, so they can get more from every appointment.

  • 24/7 anywhere access, via any device and browser
  • Real-time information so sales people can react on the spot and convert interest to sales
  • A better customer experience, as purchasing confidence increases
  • Make better use of sales people’s time – for upselling, cross-selling, etc
  • Reduce office-based admin: submit orders while with the customer
  • Instant account overview – dashboard feature gives sales teams an on-the-spot overview of open orders, delivery status, payments due, invoice & despatch documents


Why limit the online business you do to your own e-commerce site, when with just a few clicks, you could publish entire product ranges on more than 30 global marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay – all directly from your back-office system?

ODSNet Marketplace Connector directly integrates your SAP Business One system with third-party marketplaces, so you can exploit these additional channels efficiently with central, automated control.

  • Expanded sales reach. Your product ranges can be featured across major global marketplaces, giving you more shop windows and more sales
  • Efficiency & consistency. Automatically synchronise inventory across all marketplaces and physical locations, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing management costs, eliminating data entry, and delivering better operational efficiency and higher profit margins to you
Marketplace Tablet