ODSNet Retail Edition – An Integrated e-commerce Solution for SME’s

If you’re an SME, you can save money and increase sales with the new ODSNet Retail Edition. It’s an integrated e-commerce solution for SAP Business One and Sage 1000 users which is winning business across the US and Europe.

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ODSNet Retail Edition is the B2C version of their core product, ODSNet, originally developed as a complete, fully integrated B2B e-commerce solution for SMEs, giving a low cost way to sell products online and compete on a level playing field with larger companies.


A number of ODS clients have both B2B and B2C sites, and have asked for a solution for both – and from this need, ODSNet Retail Edition was developed, which helps clients to integrate these seamlessly, plus adding a host of marketing extras and omni-channel functionality.

What Does ODSNet Retail Edition Offer?

ODSNet Retail Edition gives B2C SME’s an attractive, responsive online store front. They get a raft of sales and marketing capabilities to really attract, engage and convert web visitors into customers.

ODSNet control multiple webstores through one easy to use Content Management System, enabling clients to sell their products through multiple marketplaces.  Features include social media links, integration with Mail Chimp, product reviews, Vouchers, Best-selling items, integration with Google Adwords, Integration with Amazon and Ebay, and much more.


It Really Works!

ODS clients make clear efficiency savings – they reduce their costs of sale, and their customers get a great experience and convenience. A recent client revealed they had 2 full time staff manually maintaining the stock availability flag on their previous ecommerce system. Implementing a fully integrated ecommerce solution from On Demand Solutions actually gave them a 100% return on investment within just three months.

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